The Kit


THE KIT is an integrated set of seven skincare essentials formulated by renowned esthetician Joanna Czech.  Her 35 years of knowledge and experience are at the core of each formula. 

Skincare studies show the effects of extreme climates and conditions on skin including airline travel, weaken the skin's barrier, decreasing the density of the skin and reducing hydration and the skin's ability to lock in moisture; create oxidative stress, reduce elasticity, and disrupt the skin's pH balance and the production of sebum.  To restore the complexion, Joanna's skincare line is formulated to repair the skin barrier to contain hydration, add lipids to reduce TEWL, energize cells to encourage fibroblasts and collagen, reduce oxidative stress and balance skin's pH and normalize sebum production.

What's Included:
THE TONER - Balance, Hydrate, Restore
THE C+ SERUM - Brighten, Hydrate, Strengthen
THE SOOTHING SERUM - Calm, Hydrate, Restore
THE CREAM – Restore, Hydrate, Strengthen
THE BALM - Hydrate, Restore, Tone
THE FACE MASK - Comfort, Hydrate, Calm

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